Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gold Facial, Anyone?

I love gold. In fact, I’m so fascinated of this metal that I started collecting small pieces of jewelry when I begun earning my own money. You can never get wrong for wearing a gold, it’s elegant and timeless. But what about using them for facial? Yes, as in facial. Would you?

If you think that wearing gold jewelry is the only way to shimmer and make heads turn, think again. There has been a lot of news and advertisement lately about gold for improving skin and beauty. It has been claimed by cosmetic companies that this desirable metal really works magic on skin as it can make one look younger and considered to be a powerful anti-ageing treatment. Who wouldn't one a younger looking skin?

Then one day, I got a window of chance to experience this promise of a “sparkling smooth skin” and “without wrinkles” when I bumped into an Orogold Cosmetics promoter along the newly-opened mall in Singapore (Westgate). The promoter or sales person invited me to their newly-opened shop and had me sit down. He started asking my beauty regimen, products I'm using and other stuff while he was applying some sort of gold scrub on my hand. We waited for a few seconds then he tried rubbing it off taking some of my dead skin. He asked me to rinse it off quickly and wipe it dry. Afterwards he held my two hands together asking whether I can see the difference. At that time, I can hardly see the difference maybe because I regularly scrub my skin with my “trusted” beauty brand.

He then showed me another one, a facial scrub which he said were made of 24k gold. He started applying it on my face while talking about the benefits. According to him, this gold facial reduce fine lines, prevent ageing, enhance elasticity and among other things. After a while, he asked me to rinse it off and feel my rejuvenated skin. In fairness, it smoothen and lightened my skin a bit. Somehow, it may have removed some of the wastes and toxins in my skin. And it was just one application. Imagine the difference if the product will be used in a regular basis.

There’s one catch though, the price. It is gold, literally gold. I decided not to take any of the products the sales person offered. Even though their gold facial scrub products do actually work, I wouldn’t buy one. I know I could find an alternative facial that will give me same or better results without paying a gold price.

I will still buy 24k gold though, only jewelries. 

Would you like to try Oro Gold Cosmetics for yourself? You can find them at the following locations:
Orchard Gateway

218 Orchard Road

Raffles City 

252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City , SINGAPORE 179103
Suntec City mall

3 Temasek Blvd.
Suntec City, SINGAPORE 038983

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

10 Bayfront Ave
Singapore, 018956
West Gate

39 Robinson Road
West Gate, SINGAPORE 068911