Welcome to Life Layn! 

My name is Lay. I'm a certified "probinsyana" even if I'm now living in a first world city country. A "probinsyana" is a Filipino term for "a lass from the province". I grew up in a small town. I am the youngest among five siblings. We lived in a simple house not too far from our small farmland in Tarlac.

We're not rich, but we're not poor either, in my perspective. We had pretty much of everything we needed. We had food from the farm as we used to grow vegetables and fruits and raised poultry as well. We had a shelter where I share room with my siblings. It wasn’t big, but it was comfy and cozy. We lived within our means, we lived a simple way of life. 

After thinking for 568 times I finally decided to go back to basics. I'm going to live the life of a "probinsyana". No, I’m not going back to my small town, but I’m bringing the simple way of life in the city. And I want to share it with you the “probinsyana” life – living a simple life, living a good life & appreciating simple things that can bring great joy in life.

I'm glad you have dropped by. If you have any ideas or suggestions about life's simple pleasures that you would like to be featured on this site, please feel free to drop me an email at layna_francisco@hotmail.com. I really appreciate your visit on my site and hope to see you again!

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