Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hate, Like & Love

"The more you recognize and express gratitude for the things you have, the more things you will have to express gratitude for." I heard this from one of Zig Ziglar's videos in YouTube and it struck me.

I must admit, I'm a constant complainer. I'm like "I hate this, I hate that, I don't like this, and I don't like that". I hate so many things about life! Most of the time, I don't like things the way they are. I'm also like "oh that won't work; I don't want to try, that's impossible", a very negative person it is. If I list down the things I hate about life, then definitely this space will not be enough. But what do I get if do that? It will only reinforce negative thoughts in my subconscious mind.

Today, I will exactly do the opposite and this is my purpose in putting my thoughts in letters, words, phrases and sentences. Besides it’s a brand new dawn, another chance to start right, a new beginning full of hopes and promises. Before stepping on the next stone, I need to recognize first few things I like and love about my life.

I like/love...
  • ...being wake up early in the morning and feel that I'm still alive
  • ...being with my husband John
  • dishes even if it doesn't taste good
  • ...having money to spend to for the things I need and some wants
  • ...having more free time
  • ...talking with my Nanay on the phone
  • ...travelling or taking tour to far or nearby places
  • ...bonding with friends, chats online, eat out and just laugh
  • ...taking photographs, writing poems, paintings and designing
  • books, watch movies, do facebooks
 ...the list continues.

Although, doing the things I like and love is an easy task there are also few things I'm not really into (things I thought I hate to do) but would like to learn to love. I believe that this is a crucial step to open up my mind and be more positive in life. It’s one of the bravest things that a person can do, instead of just complaining, abandoning and not trying at all.

I like/love to learn...
  • business
  • to be a successful in sales
  • be more patient about people/neighbor
  • ...more friendly
  • with different people
  •  ...accept "no's" or rejections
  •  ...cold calling ...have a good talk to strangers
  •  ...swimming
  • more outgoing
There's no short cut in learning these things, but I'm taking the initiative by accepting that I'm not good about these and that I need to do something about them. I'm grateful for tools and resources like computers and internet which can give me access to great teachers and coaches of all time who can motivate me to be more positive and accomplish certain goals I set for myself. I'm grateful for family and friends who encourage and discourage me in some way or another. And above all, I'm grateful to the one above who gave me one life to live and provides me with all the strength I need.

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