Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pink Within the Green

Lonely shade, Happy shrub.

It was Friday, the sun shines so brightly and it would be such a waste to stay at home all day. Embarking on a peaceful walk to get up close with nature and greenery and reading a book on a bench under the tree, will be a perfect way to spend the afternoon. And so we did.

Read and relax.

We packed few sandwiches, sausages, fruits and drinks and brought along some books too. We hopped on a bus and alighted at a nearby nature park. The scorching sun of April was unbearable but as we walked through the lush forest tracks we spotted interesting plants and birds that made us seemingly forget about the torrid weather. We’ve seen different kinds of ferns and large native trees. Fruit bearing trees such as Langka, Rambutan and Pakak are  also evident in the mini forest.

Natural shelter, refreshing shade.

Dragonflies watching at the verge of the pond.

Before we continued our nature trail, we paused for a while at the Shelter and had a bite of the goodies we brought. Unlike other recreational areas we’ve visited, there were neither vendo machines nor drinking stations in this nature park. Luckily, we brought more than enough throughout the afternoon.

After recharging our empty stomach, we went down to the pond plaza and found an idyllic spot under the big tree to read books. It’s a quiet and relaxing paradise; a little haven in this busy city country. We went closely at the verge of the pond to check if we would find some fish, unfortunately, we didn’t see any. Instead, we witnessed dragonflies and butterfiles in the surroundings. Squirrels and monitor lizards are common in the area as well. There are few signs of “Don’t Feed the Monkeys” in the park, but no signs nor trails of monkey during our trip.

Tall and Beautiful.

At the bank of the quarry pool.

Near the pond plaza is a stairway leading up to two scenic lookout points. Since we’re still full of energy, we climbed to have a bird’s eye view of the pond. Atop, there’s another shelter where we sat for a while and ate some fruits. After eating and observing birds at the same, we packed our things.

Wild and rich flower kissed by the sun.

Wild sunflower along the way reminded me of my other home - Baguio City.

It was time to leave the park, but instead of taking the easy path going to the bus stop, we turned the wrong way which led us to a long steep path going to the War Memorial Park entrance. We searched for the nearest exit leading to the main road and as we walked down the road, familiar things greeted us. These many wild sunflowers swaying in the wind seemed to be waving at us. Saying hello or saying goodbye, it doesn’t matter. All I know is, these rich yellow living things reminded me of my former haven, my Baguio, my other home. I know it was really time to go home. J
~~~Pink and Green



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