Thursday, January 31, 2013

Certified Probinsyana - Living A Simple Yet Good Life

I'm a certified "probinsyana" even if I'm now living in a first world city country, Singapore. A "probinsyana" is a Filipino term for "a lass from the province". I practically grew up in a small town in the Philippines. I am the youngest among five siblings. We lived in a simple house not too far from our small farmland in Camiling. We're not rich, but we're not poor either (at least in my perspective). We had pretty much of everything we needed. We had food from the farm as we used to grow vegetables and fruits and raised poultry as well. We had a shelter where I shared room with my siblings. It wasn't big, but it was comfy and cozy. We had fun like buffalo back riding (our "alaga" (pet) named Bernardo on inserted photo), climbing trees, dancing in the rain, fishing frogs and among other things. We lived within our means, we lived a simple way of life.

My Father together with my siblings and our buffalo.
However, our father kept on reminding my siblings and I to study hard and get a good job to get a better life. Being a very obedient child, I did. I studied very hard, strove to be on top, entered in a good university and found a "good job". The question now is, “do you have a better life after having a good job"?

Having a good job doesn't necessarily mean having a better life. Yes, truly it may provide financial "freedom" or "security" but it may also create "more wants" in life. After thinking for three hundred and fifty-six times I finally decided to go back to basics. I'm going to live the life of a "probinsyana". No, I’m not going back to my small town, but I’m bringing the simple way of life in the city. And I want to share the “probinsyana” life – living a simple life, living a good life and appreciating simple things that can bring great joy in life. 

How about you, what's your idea of a "good life"? Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, reactions and consructive criticisms


  1. having a good life is not easy to achieve or say... unless you are contented in what you have,happy in what you are doing,and have a great people around you who always supports you in every steps of your way...even though sometimes you failed and disappoints them. simple,worry less,pray more, and trust Him that whatever life brings you...there is always Hope.
    so either you are probinsyana or not...just LIVE,LAUGH AND LOVE...and that makes LIFE feels GOOD!

  2. Indeed, you have to stop worrying and start living... :)