Monday, February 4, 2013

Simple Fun - Playing with Angles & Lens

Recently, I suggested two ways to relieve stress by "being creative" -- painting and writing poems. Well, if you're not into playing with colours or playing with words, try another one - playing with angles and lens or photography.

Exploring photography is another way to unwind. If you have a camera, get out and shoot for the fun of it. See the world through the eyes of a photographer; you will be amazed how you can make dull things interesting through your camera lens. 

Photography can be a great hobby as well. And with today's technology, you don't need to learn all the "professional stuff" to capture great photos. For a start, you can just use a point-and-shoot camera. It has many pre-set modes and settings that shooters can use in different situations. Why not give yourself a chance to be a "photographer for a day"?

If you don't feel like being a "photographer for a day", you might want to be a "model for a day" instead. I do fun shoots from time to time to hone my skills and to relax. Give me a chance to be your "photographer for a day" and experience what it's like to be a "model" without any cost.

All you need to prepare are three sets of outfit, a little confidence, a smile on your face and about 3-4 hours of your time.  If you're in Singapore, let's hang out sometime. Drop me a note and let's see how we can schedule a photo-shoot.

However, if you are looking for a professional photography for your upcoming engagement or wedding, please contact KuatroMedya Photography. They offer a quality photography at a very competitive price. They have covered our simple celebration of love (wedding) last year and we were happy with the results of the images and album.

Hope you will find time to go out and take photos of some ants, flowers, buildings, people on the street or whatever you like. Good luck and have fun, fun, fun!

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