Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Flowers Are Happiness

More than a decade ago when I was still in college, I used to live in a well-kept dormitory in Km. 5 La Trinidad, Benguet. Although the place is quite far from the University I was attending, I really liked it.
The landlady was very nice and so were my co-tenants. It’s a pretty convenient place, a walking distance to the La Trinidad Vegetable Trading Post, hospital, transport terminal and shops including Ukay-ukay. A few minutes jeepney ride to the strawberry and flower farm. Beside the dormitory, there was a relatively small vacant lot with toe deep water where calla lily plants used to grow. I used to pick some of those lilies once they’re in full bloom. Calla lilies are simple yet elegant flowers. They are lovely. They are a bit pricey compared to other lilies available in the market. I was so delighted to have them for free during those times in La Trinidad.
When I moved to Baguio City, it also means goodbye to free Calla Lily. Even though, I was just an ordinary student with nothing but a meager allowance, I still managed to always have flowers on my study table. I used to hunt in Baguio public market for bargains. Most of the time I got mums, but if I got lucky, I can have half a dozen roses. That’s all I can afford at that time. I just love fresh flowers!
Until now, I still do. I buy fresh blooms on a weekly basis. Having a fresh flower in the room lightens up my mood. A single stem of rose can add a little joy and sparkle in a very dull environment. It takes me ages to select a few fresh cuts whenever I go to the store. Sometimes, I just stand there enjoying the colors and smiling like a fool, sniffing most of the white lilies and roses, or comparing them to the people I used to know. Yes, flowers are like humans. They come in various color, shape, size and texture. Some are vibrant, others are plain. Some are trumpet-shaped, while others are star-shaped. Some are big, and there are also small. Some have light fragrances, others have strong scents. Some are delicate and soft while few are not. They represent different personalities too. Nonetheless, all is bright and beautiful!

If I were a flower, I think I would be a Calla lily – plain and simple yet deadly. :) Not really deadly, the plant is said to be poisonous but it also has medicinal values. What about you? What's your favorite flower? Which of the gorgeous flowers below can best describe your personality?
Azalea – temperate, independent, leader
Carnation – flashy, joyful
Chrysanthemum – exciting
Daisy – cheerful, gentle, charming
Hydrangea – arrogant, cold-blooded
Iris – inspiring, loving
Orchid – delicate, fickle
Rose – romantic, passionate, affectionate
Sampaguita – simple, loving, kind
Sunflower – outgoing, strong, resilient
Tulip – confident, enthusiastic
Have you found your flowers yet? If you want to learn more about flowers and personality, please visit Aunty Flower.
I believe that flower is for the living, not for the dead. It has to be enjoyed while we can still see its richness, smell its fragrance and touch its softness. I often teased my husband, “Don’t wait for my funeral to give me flowers, do it while I’m still alive”. But, he’d rather buy me an ice cream or just give me notes. I do, instead, set aside some of the notes to buy flowers for myself! While it may not seem like a romantic or practical thing to do, I'm just happy doing it. I love flowers; they are really one of life's simple pleasures!
Show some love this Valentine's Day. Make someone feel special; send them a bunch of fresh flowers. In Singapore, the best place to get one is from Fareastflora. They deliver to different countries. Other flower shops that provide a wide selection of bouquets include NoelGifts, Prince's Flower Shop, Angel Florist and Orchard Florist. Alternatively, if you are on a budget, just get those fresh blooms from a local market and do your own flower arrangement. Spread the love and you'll surely loved back!
Because I can’t get enough of flowers, they are always part of my photo-fun shoot. I will defintely going to see the Sentosa Flowers in Singapore. To check the highlights of the event, check out their page.
Some of the flowers I photographed from various locations and occasions for the last few years. Enjoy watching!


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