Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nation of Happiness

Tiger's Nest - Purchased Image

If I would have to choose a country to visit in the near future, I will travel to Bhutan. I've never been to this place, but I would love to experience its beauty and serenity; its culture and people.

While the rest of the countries in the world give priority to their "gross national product", Bhutan gives more value on "gross national happiness". It is the only country that measures well-being and happiness. Both its government and people are also geared to preserve its natural resources and committed to sound environmental management and sustainable development.

Most people will probably visit places that are highly advertised, well-known and overcrowded. However for someone who would like to experience a unique and pristine travel destination, Bhutan is definitely a place to go to.

Eric Weiner, an author, describes the country as, "If Bhutan were a celebrity, it would be Johnny Depp — reclusive, a bit odd, but endearing none the less."

I like Johnny Depp, I'm sure I will like Bhutan too. I can't wait for the day I will set my first step to Thimphu. Kelan kaya yun, sana malapit na (when will that be, hope it would be very soon)!

Note: If you are interested to visit Bhutan, you may contact Ugyen Zangmo, a lovely Bhutanese lady who may be able to help you on your travels around the country, at +975 17 82 71 89

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