Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting Rid of Stress by Being Creative

Simple relaxation exercise - Breathe in/out
Are you feeling so tired and stressed out about your job, situation or people around you? Chillax, breathe in and breathe out. Pack your luggage and go on a short vacation somewhere else. Go to the mall and shop around. Or you can also go to spa with your friends. Have your hair and nails done at the salon.

However, if you don't want to hurt your pocket in managing stress, you can also try cheap activities right at the comfort of your own home such as do movie marathon, take a longer shower, take a leisurely walk at the nearby park, pray or meditate, read a book, play with your kids or pet, enjoy a cup of tea, turn on the music and dance and among other simple things that can help you feel refresh and rejuvenate. 

You can also get rid of stress by being creative like doing art crafts or painting. Another way of releasing stress is putting words in poems. Poetry for me is playing with words and phrases with whatever I can think of when I decided to start writing one. Start creating one poetry journal today and relieve stress by putting your inner thoughts on words. You'll be amazed how this can be so fun and relaxing. The good thing about writing a letter or poem is you can express your emotions and thoughts but you have the option not to share it.

Poetry is a form of expression, so either you use your personal experience or use your imagination. If you don't know where to start in writing a poem, the following steps might help:

  • Think of a positive experience. How do you feel about it? Why do think it is a beautiful experience? 
  • You can also use negative experience to write a poems. Write down your frustrations, angers and hatred. 
  • Try what "ifs" or write about your wildest dreams.
  • If you have limited experience, use your senses - smell, feel, look, listen and taste. Describe what you sensed.

Don't think of the styles, structures or choice of words; just write what’s in your heart. Start alleviating stress now, write a poem and have fun!

Below is a poem I wrote. This is inspired by my painting, "Wide Open", it's about grace and how I have been ungrateful to the great provider. It's a poem I dedicate to the one above.

Wide Open
Wide Open - Acrylic paint on a canvas 101412

How I often forget that the sun still shines
Even if it's so dark and rain at times
Oh Your embrace how I missed
Though You're always there and never left
On my walk how often times I stumble
Please allow me trust You and make me humble

You offered a love as clear as the blue sky
What else can I ask for in life
Your arms are wide open wider than the fields
In You alone my heart and mind should yield
Set my eyes upon You, I beg and pray
Stay with me always and even after my days

If somewhere somehow I lost my way in this journey
Hope I can remember to look up and see
That Your care is higher that the beam of clouds
And Your provisions is greener than the green fields.

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