Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Turn a Simple Moment to a Seductive Magic

It's your anniversary and you may have so many plans on how to celebrate it with your loved one.

Perhaps, you're longing for a fancy bed & breakfast at the recently opened and very nice all-inclusive boutique hotel in town. Or maybe you're planning to go on a short vacation in an island with a beautiful beach, fine sands and nice shores; dine to a well-rated seafood restaurant; experience a romantic dinner situated atop overlooking the city or just watch a musical play. Unfortunately, the plan fails.

Don't fret when all the plans are not possible because of some reason like time, distance or money. If you can't control the situation or a person, there's one thing you can control. And that is your attitude towards the situation or a person. Just relax and think of alternative ways to celebrate the occasion.

Even though your anniversary or special occasion will not be going to be as planned, you can still do simple things to make it more fun and memorable.

You know you can’t go anywhere and you’ll certainly stick at home on your anniversary, why not turn your bedroom to a romantic haven? Below are some few tips to add romantic touch on your bedroom:
Red carnation and Heart Swan Shaped On Bed
  • Put up some tea lights or scented candles in your room
  • Try new different texture sheets like satin silk or a leopard print on your bed just for fun
  • Get fluffy pillows to cuddle up with your partner
  • Remove things that are not romantic like posters, relative’s picture, soft toys or kid’s stuff
  • Have an iPod with speaker or stereo and prepare different music tracks to play
  • Put some fresh flowers in the room to lighten up the environment (or sprinkle rose petals on your bed)
  • Make sure to have adjustable lighting
  • Have a wine and glass ready or simple sweet delights like chocolate, strawberries or cherries

These things will create the mood for your true romance. Spend a night of indulgence at your own “seductively” comfortable bedroom and enjoy the rest of the evening with your loved one with or without an occasion.

A Touch of Red Wine
You want to have a romantic dinner out, but you cannot go out? You want to do it at home but you also don’t have a great cooking skill to make it work. Don’t panic, you can still prepare your partner’s all-time favourite food at home like beef steak, adobo or even tuyo (dried fish) or you can opt to order and have it delivered right at your doorstep. You just need to add a little bit of romantic ideas to make your dinner special. No matter what main course you may be preparing, there are simple steps you can do to set a romantic mood on your dinning table:
  • Make sure to decorate your dining table, use a nice table cloth and coloured napkins
  • Use nice matching plates, cutleries and a wine glass
  • Put a simple flower arrangement or just a single stem of rose in a wonderful vase
  • Use a candle light and play a jazz or instrumental music
  • Don’t forget to prepare a dessert too
Celebrating an occasion like anniversary or any other occasion with your partner need not be so grand; you can still do simple things to make it fun and extra special. What matters most is the two of you are together and having a quality time. Make each moment count, because when it passes it can never turn back.

If you have any other ideas to make a simple moment to a seductive magic, share it with us. Please feel free to leave a message on the comment field.

* * * * * * * * * Photo Memories From Our Recent "Paper" Anniversary* * * * * * * * *

Red carnation for our first wedding anniversary.

Photo paper (comics) since it's a paper anniversary.

Red wine to celebrate good time.

Chocolates for a simple sweet treat.

Turn the bedroom to a romantic haven. Make fun shapes with cloths like the heart swan shaped.

Kisses lay out in a heart shape. Heart shaped on bed is always fun.
Red wine and "funny wine" glasses.

 Delightful dinner.

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