Monday, May 27, 2013

Putting Some Orange in Life, Literally & Figuratively

"Happiness doesn't depend on any external conditions,
it is governed by our mental attitude." -- Dale Carnegie
In today's fast-paced living environment, every one of us is facing myriads of tough life's challenges such as demands from works, families, peers or friends. As a person with multiple roles in life, we are expected to do more than what seems we can do. We are required to fulfill duties and responsibilities beyond our available resources and even beyond our preferences.

More often than not, these demands create more pressures to our already stressful life. We either embrace or shun away from these demands. When we try to clinch too hard on these, we could end up sabotaging our own health and sometimes, even our relationships with other people. And when we try to avoid these additional stresses, we’re running away from changes, possibilities and opportunities that can help us grow further. If too often, we continue to resist change and always do the same thing over and over again, we will get bored, we will languish. It’s fine to welcome additional responsibilities and demands in life, as long as we can keep up in caring ourselves and others. It’s also ok to do things over and over again, especially if the method is a proven success, but we must welcome change and improvement. It is important to spice things up in our lives once in awhile to discover new things and find new successes. As some say, we need to put some orange in our lives. If I say “orange”, I mean, literally and figuratively.

"When life gives you lemons, make orange juice
and leave everyone wondering." - Anonymous
In color psychology, orange is the color of adventure, cheerfulness and inquisitiveness. It has a “freeing action upon the body and mind, relieving repressions”. So whenever life feels dragging, it’s time to get some orange to refresh, reenergize and relax.
Below are some of the “oranges” that can improve our lives in some way or another: 

Orange for Relationships
Happiness – not necessary smiling at all times or getting what we want, but rather its being contented with what we have and living with a thought and meaning
Kindness - practice random acts of compassion at any time, in anywhere to anyone.
Encouragement – praise others even for a small success and inspire to do better

Orange for Work
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Creativity & Energy – inject new ideas to what we do; put some humor at work; play and celebrate good times
Optimism – never lose hope and keep positive.
Motivation – learn the “whys” of what we do to keep us going.

Orange for Health
Orange/Citrus – take powerful natural antioxidant which helps the body develop resistance against harmful body agents.
G3Juice – take Superfruit blend that contains so much good stuff to increase energy and enhance longevity; promotes health in muscles and joints protecting and strengthening vital tissues.
Last but not the least; try to wear orange from time to time. Based on color psychology, wearing orange can help to balance your emotions. Especially if you are in distress, it can lift up your spirit. If you are not a fan of bright or colorful dress, just try once and have some fun.
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