Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting Inspiration from the "Innocent World"

I haven't been writing or painting for quite some time now. It's been almost two months since my last blog. I've been quite busy in the past few days. Or maybe am I just pretending to be busy in my life? Well, honestly, I wasn't that busy... I guess I just don't have enough inspiration to write or paint something lately.
That's why I abandoned my comfort crib for a while and journeyed to the city to be inspired by “Innocent World”. It is a solo exhibition by a Japanese Painter Tomoyuki Kambe. The exhibition features various aspects of traditional Japanese painting styles that depicts the artist’s observation “that the big world is made of many tiny elements and living things around us”. The artist combines traditional art medium with modern technique to create art pieces that illuminate on the philosophy of seeing a world in a grain of sand. This is really evident on his latest and exquisite paintings displayed at Japan Creative Centre during the exhibition.
Some of the artworks at the exhibition
Impressive representation of nature...
the pebbles, small animals, and tiny plants...
Very detailed work of art

"Reaching Out"

In this big big world, it's the small thing that makes it more interesting. Now, I'm inspired.

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